Aug 312013

What we will do at the pool this first week of September:

  • Tuesday – #194 500s
  • Thursday – #405 Speed with Quality
  • Friday – #404 IM & Stroke
  • Saturday – Coach Jack Naylor has the call! If you can’t join us, try #97 100 Descend

Here are our standard themes for the days of the week we practice:

  • Tuesdays are mostly freestyle with a middle distance or distance free and/or freestyle technique (aerobic base).
  • Thursdays will be our day to work speed (anaerobic base). Sometimes free, sometimes stroke, sometimes a mix, but always some speed!
  • Fridays will be a concentration on a mix of strokes and/or I.M (sometimes aerobic, sometimes anaerobic).
  • Saturdays could be anything! With 90 minutes, we will get more yardage in than our workouts the other days of the week. However, I also plan to have some sets that work on improving technique in our strokes, starts and turns. Just depends on what I see that we might need to work on.

As always, we will have fun! So join us if you can.

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