Nov 292014

Lucas Valley Workouts

We have a themes approach for each day. Coaches will pick or design a workout matching the theme. If you are a satellite swimmer, you can find over 600 workouts in our Dropbox folder. Have fun!


Day Date Workout # Time Time Time
Tues 12-2 Freestyle 5:30-6:45 AM 7:00-8:15 AM 8:15-9:30 AM
Weds 12-3 Stroke or IM 5:30-6:45 AM 7:00-8:15 AM 8:15-9:30 AM
Thurs 12-4 Focus on Technique 5:30-6:45 AM 7:00-8:15 AM 8:15-9:30 AM
Fri 12-5 Sprint 5:30-6:45 AM No 7:00 AM 8:15-9:30 AM
Sat 12-6 Mixed Bag  7:00-8:30 AM only

Suggested workouts for our Satellite swimmers:

  1. #73 Distance Free & Back
  2. #67 100 Day
  3. #119 Focus on Dolphin Kick
  4. #95 Sprint Mix or USRPT
  5. #70 Short Yard Sets

Upcoming open water swims:

  • none

Upcoming swim meets:

  • Southern Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Champs, December 5-7. Meet info and registration here. Coach Cokie will not be able to attend as she will be in Cuba with her husband Tim along with Coach Susie & her husband James!

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