May 032014

Nationals are over (Sunday May 4th)! There will be a post dedicated to those results going up shortly, but for now, congrats to all our swimmers who worked hard for months to get to that meet and do their very best. Thanks, too, to their teammates for putting up with them during this time. ūüôā

Alright, so now¬†it is time to get down to the business of open water swims and long course meters season. We’ve worked hard the last few months and I’m going to start the week off on a very fun note. We’ll do a “Pool Open Water” practice on Tuesday, May 6th. What does that mean? Well…we strip out the lane lines and have a free for all! Ok, well maybe it is a tad more organized than that. Even if you don’t consider yourself an “open water” swimmer, don’t stay away for this practice. It will be a ton of fun and a workout!

  • Tuesday, May 6th: Pool Open Water for both the 5:30-6:30 a.m. and 8:30-9:30 a.m. practices
  • Wednesday, May 7th: Coach Susie Powell on deck – she probably has something fun up her sleeve! If on your own, try #240 Stroke Speed
  • Thursday, May 8th: Freestyle stroke focus with #452 50 50s
  • Friday, May 9th: #455 Stroke IM 4-3-2-1. Coach Susie Powell on deck!
  • Saturday, May 10th: #459 The Elevator Set Freestyle

Speaking of upcoming open water swims, here is what is on our radar for May & June:

  • Spring Lake (Santa Rosa), Saturday May 17th. More info here.¬†Event info here. Registration here.
  • Del Valle OW Swims, Saturday (long events) May 31st. Event info here. Registration here.
  • Del Valle OW Swims, Sunday (shorter events) June 1st.¬†¬†¬†Event info here. Registration here.
  • Lake Berryessa OW Swims, Saturday June 7th. Event info here. More info here.
  • Pac Masters Open Water 101 & 201 Clinics in Fremont, Sunday, June 22nd. Event info here.

For upcoming swim meets:

  • Bay Area Senior Games, Sunday, May 18th. Reg closed May 1st and you have to be 50+. Event info here.
  • Wine Country Senior Games, Saturday, May 31st. Reg closes¬†May 16th¬†and you have to be 50+. Event info here.
  • Pac Masters Long Course Champs, San Mateo, June¬†27-29. Not yet posted. Keep an eye out here.
  • FINA Masters Worlds, Montreal, Canada, August 3-9. Registration closes June 1st. Info here.
  • USMS Long Course Nationals, Maryland, August 13-17. Information here.

Note to Drop In Swimmers not on our team:

Our little team is growing and our pool is filling up. With the return of the good weather, we anticipate many of our team’s seasonal swimmers will be returning to the water with us. If you are not with our team, please check in with our coaches to see if we can fit you in. Hate to do that to you, but first “dibs” to the water are for our team members and our monthly dues paying swimmers. Our most crowded workouts are Tuesdays and Saturdays with very little room in the pool. The other days are a bit lighter.

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