Mar 222014

This is the week right before our Pacific Masters Short Course Yards Champs in Pleasanton (March 28-30). We’ll be doing a mini taper for this meet with a full taper planned for Nationals. The workouts are written for both taper swimmers and non taper swimmers. What that usually means is that the taper swimmers exit out a little earlier than those not doing the meet. So even if you are not doing the meet, don’t stay away, we’ve got room for you!

The Taper workouts below are in one PDF package in our Dropbox folder of workouts. You’ll find them labeled asĀ Swymnuts Taper 2014.

  • Tuesday – Taper #5
  • Wednesday – Taper #6 with Coach Susie Powell on deck!
  • Thursday – Taper #8
  • Friday – Taper #15 (meet warm up only for our meet goers). Coach Susie Powell on deck!
  • Saturday – NO PRACTICE!

Good luck to all our swimmers heading to Pleasanton!


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