Jul 122014

8:30 workouts are back and Coach Cokie is back. Yippee, yahoo, awesome, fantastic, super-duper, and all those things!

The workouts that follow are guidelines, primarily listed for our satellite swimmers who work out on their own. For actual team practices, each of our coaches has free reign to deviate and bring their own workout to the pool. So don’t let a workout you see below be your guide to whether or not you come to practice. Heck, you may not even see that workout. Just come swim! Any way you slice it, it will be good for you!

  • Tuesday, July 15: #261 100 Free Experiment – Coach Cokie is on deck
  • Wednesday, July 16: #216 Sprint 5 x 100s  – Coach Susie is on deck 
  • Thursday, July 17: Backstroke Mini Clinic & #366 Long Axis Back & Free – Coach Cokie is on deck 
  • Friday, July 18: #305 Stroke Focus 200  –  Coach Susie is on deck 
  • Saturday, July 19: #387 Card Game Fun – Coach Cokie is on deck.

Upcoming open water swims:

  • Santa Cruz Pier to Pier OW Swim, Saturday, August 2nd. Event information and registration here.
  • Santa Cruz 2-mile OW Swim, Sunday, August 3rd. Event information and registration here.
  • Donner Lake OW Swim, Saturday, August 16th. Information here. Event maxed out at 375 swimmers and they are full!
  • Whiskeytown Lake OW Swim, Sunday, September 7th.  Registration hereReg closes September 4th at 11:59 pm.
  • Keller Cove OW Swim (Richmond), Saturday, September 20th. Not yet posted. Keep an eye out here.

Upcoming swim meets:

  • FINA Masters Worlds, Montreal, Canada, August 3-9. Registration closed June 1st. Info here.
  • Davis Long Course Meters “End of Summer Splash” Sat Aug 9. Event info here. Registration hereReg closes Aug 7th at 11:59 pm
  • USMS Long Course Nationals, Maryland, August 13-17. Information hereReg closed July 9th
  • Modesto SCM Meet, Saturday, August 23. Event info here. Registration hereReg closes Aug 20th at 11:59 pm but don’t wait, sign up now as this meet maxes out. Cokie will be attending this meet. 
  • Mountain View SCM Meet, Sunday, September 28. Event info here. Registration hereReg closes Sept 26th at 11:59 pm
  • Sacramento SCM Sprint Pentathlon held in Davis, Saturday, October 4th. Event info here. Reg info will be hereReg closes Oct 1st at 11:59 pm
  • Pac Masters SCM Champs, Walnut Creek, Oct 10-12. Not yet posted. Keep an eye out here. Team effort! We’d love to have you there, even if just for relays!
  • Southern Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Champs, December 5-7, tba. Not yet posted. Keep an eye out here.

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