Jan 272014

Workouts for the final week of January. Come check out our new LED pace clock!

We are working toward the USF Meet, Feb 9th in San Francisco (info below). Come join us at the meet! We can do relays and the meet consists of 50s and 100s.

  • Tuesday, Jan 28: #91 More Pacing Work
  • Thursday, Jan 30: #474 Five Bys
  • Friday, Jan 31: #314 Timed Swims
  • Saturday, Feb 1: #476 Meet Prep Starts Turns

 The USF Meet is Sunday, February 9th. Sign up online! Meet info here. Online entries are due by Feb 7th at 11:59 p.m.

Beginning next week, we launch Wednesday workouts and that will change up our “themes” that we have each week. With the additional workout, each week I will take Thursdays and they will be stroke clinic days. Yardage will be lighter, but you’ll be so much better for the opportunity to work toward excellence in stroke technique, starts and turns. ¬†Here’s how things will play out:

  • Tuesdays are freestyle days. Generally more aerobic in design with middle distance or distance free. However, sometimes these might be sprint free days!
  • Wednesdays are sprint days where we will focus on our anaerobic, lactate and VO2 training.
  • Thursdays are stroke clinic days. Each week we change the stroke and the clinics will vary each month.
  • Fridays are stroke or I.M. days. Could be a mix of aerobic and anaerobic.
  • Saturdays are a mystery! It depends on what we are working toward for fitness goals, meet goals or open water events.

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