Feb 082014

Workouts for the week of Feb 9-15, 2014. We recover from the USF Meet Feb 9th (where we are scheduled to have 24-26 swimmers)!

  • Tuesday, Feb 11: #301 – Middle Distance & Descends
  • Wednesday, Feb 12: #302 – Speed 25s
  • Thursday, Feb 13th: Breaststroke Clinic & Workout
  • Friday, Feb 14th: #145 – Backstroke
  • Saturday, Feb 15th: Coach Jack Naylor has the deck!

There is a Backstroke – Freestyle Clinic from Pacific Masters on Saturday, February 15th in Albany. Come join me and give those two strokes some quality TLC. Flyer below!


Albany Masters Swim Clinic by Cokie Lepinski

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