Feb 222014

We are gearing up again for a few meets  a few weeks out (listed below).

Here are our workouts for the week of February 23rd to March 1, 2014:

  • Tuesday, Feb 25th – #308 Distance Free Mix
  • Wednesday, Feb 26th – #482 Sprint 25 50 75
  • Thursday, Feb 27th – Freestyle Stroke Clinic
  • Friday, Feb 28th – #182 Stroke Mix
  • Saturday, March 1st – #305 Stroke Focus 200s

The last two local meets to use for Nationals Qualifying Times are:

  1. Cal Berkeley Meet, Sunday, March 9th
  2. Rinconada (Palo Alto) Meet Sunday, March 15th

Nationals entries are due March 27th. Nationals information is here.


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