Aug 032013

Workouts for the week of August 4-10, 2013.

I’m introducing something different with this post. With our new additional workouts at the Lucas Valley pool, I’ll now list the four workouts that we will do at our practices. If you can’t join us, you can at least know what workout you are missing and you can try to swim this on your own if you have access to a pool.

What we will do at the pool this week. 

  • #192 – 1650 Options
  • #367 – Sprint Mix
  • #167 – Recovery & Easy Speed
  • #181 – Speed Work

I’m also setting some standard themes to the days of the week we practice:

  • Tuesdays are mostly freestyle with a middle distance or distance free and/or freestyle technique (aerobic base).
  • Thursdays will be our day to work speed (anaerobic base).
  • Fridays will be a concentration on a mix of strokes and/or I.M (sometimes aerobic, sometimes anaerobic).
  • Saturdays could be anything! With 90 minutes, we will get more yardage in than our workouts the other days of the week. However, I also plan to have some sets that work on improving technique in our strokes, starts and turns. Just depends on what I see that we might need to work on.

As always, we will have fun! So join us if you can.


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