Apr 052014

One more week before we start tapering our swimmers for Nationals!

  • Tuesday, April 8th – #29 Distance Free
  • Wednesday, April 9th – #159 Sprint Free 1-hour.¬†Could change, Coach Susie Powell on deck
  • Thursday, April 10th – Breaststroke Clinic with #426 Breaststroke Timing & IM
  • Friday, April 11th – #134 IM
  • Saturday, April 12th – #98 Distance Free. Could change, Coach Susie Powell on deck


Note to Drop In Swimmers not on our team:

Our little team is growing and our pool is filling up. With the return of the good weather, we anticipate many of our team’s seasonal swimmers will be returning to the water with us. If you are not with our team, please check in with our coaches to see if we can fit you in. Hate to do that to you, but first “dibs” to the water are for our team members and our monthly dues paying swimmers. Our most crowded workouts are Tuesdays and Saturdays with very little room in the pool. The other days are a bit lighter.

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