Apr 042015

JCC Workouts

Day Date Time Coach
Tuesday 4-7 6-7pm Coach Shari Cruse
Thursday 4-9 6-7pm Coach Shari Cruse

Lucas Valley Workouts

It’s Taper Time! Champs are coming up April 10-12, 2015 (Moraga, CA) and we would love a big turnout. We have special workouts for this final week that help our meet goers sharpen their racing skills. Consider joining us at the meet – even if only for a relay. Relays are A BLAST and the more people we have at this meet, the more fun the whole meet is. Come on out, swim an event and cheer your teammates on!

If swimming Sunday or Monday of this week on your own, do Taper 11.

Day Date Theme Time & Coach Time & Coach Time & Coach
Tues 4-7 Taper 12 5:30-6:45 AM Buffy 7:00-8:15 AM Buffy 8:15-9:30 AM Marlon
Weds 4-8 Taper 13 5:30-6:45 AM Cokie 7:00-8:15 AM Buffy 8:15-9:30 AM Buffy
Thurs 4-9 Taper 14 5:30-6:45 AM Cokie 7:00-8:15 AM Buffy 8:15-9:30 AM Marlon
Fri 4-10 Taper 15 5:30-6:45 AM Cokie No 7AM 8:15-9:30 AM Buffy
Sat 4-11 Mixed Bag #353 Middle Distance 7:00-8:30 AM Susie


For upcoming Swim Meets & Open Water Competitions:

Click on our Calendar tab and drop down to Upcoming Swim Events or just click these hyperlinks.

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