Apr 262014

We are in our final week of taper. Taper workouts are written to include all swimmers. Even if you aren’t going to Nationals, we’ll take good care of you in the pool, so please do join us during this time. You can see the entire taper package on Dropbox in our folder where we store all the Swymnut workouts. If you need to be “re-invited” to Dropbox, let me know. The taper package is titled Swymnuts Taper 2014.

Those on taper should have discontinued all aerobic activity outside the pool. It can take 10-14 days for your body to recover from things like weight lifting and other strenuous activities. We needed you rested and healthy as you approach Nationals. Yoga, Pilates, dog walking are all okay as long as you aren’t go at it hard. You’ll be jumpy and eager this week, and that is just how we want you to be going into the big meet.

  • Those on taper have an option to swim Taper #11 and Taper #12 on your own Sunday April 27th or Monday April 12th. If you are sore and tired, maybe swim just one day. It is perfectly okay to rest both of these days.
  • Tuesday, April 29th – Taper #13
  • Wednesday, April 30th – Taper #14 with Coach Susie Powell
  • Thursday, May 1st – Taper #15 (meet warm up)
  • Saturday, May 3rd – NO WORKOUT – kids have a home meet this Saturday 

Good luck to all the Swymnuts competing at Nationals in Santa Clara. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!


Note to Drop In Swimmers not on our team:

Our little team is growing and our pool is filling up. With the return of the good weather, we anticipate many of our team’s seasonal swimmers will be returning to the water with us. If you are not with our team, please check in with our coaches to see if we can fit you in. Hate to do that to you, but first “dibs” to the water are for our team members and our monthly dues paying swimmers. Our most crowded workouts are Tuesdays and Saturdays with very little room in the pool. The other days are a bit lighter.

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