Mar 312012

This week we are focusing on pacing. All five main sets of the workouts here are a collection I’ve found on GoSwim. If you haven’t checked out the site, you should! Run by Glenn Mills and Barbara Hummel, they have all kinds of tips related to swimming – stroke technique (videos galore), drills (more videos), workouts, training tips, etc. You can also check out their subscription based service at At $99 a year, it sounds steep, but with that subscription, you get access to all DVDs that they put out. You access their videos via streaming.

With these workouts, be sure and read through the text and don’t just jump into the set. And, as always, if the times are too fast for your swimming ability, adjust accordingly.

Workouts for April 1-7, 2012:

#337 – Pacing #1 – IM & Free

#338 – Pacing #2 – Free

#339 – Pacing #3 – Free

#340 – Pacing #4 – Stroke

#341 – Pacing #5 – 200s, Stroke or Free

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