Nov 112015

2016 Open Water Competitions:

Date Distances Location Info or Reg Link Misc
5-21 Spring Lake OW Santa Rosa info here
6-4 Lake Berryessa OW Lake Berryessa info here
6-11/12 Lake del Valle OW Lake del Valle (east bay) info here
7-30 Santa Cruz Roughwater Santa Cruz info here
7-31 Cruz Cruise Santa Cruz info here
8-13 Donner Lake USMS OW Nationals Donner Lake info here


2016 Swim Meet Competitions:

Date Meet Location Info or Reg Link
1-9 Flower Power Short Course Yards Meet Santa Rosa JC info & reg here
1-30 1-Mile Short Course Meters The Olympic Club SF info & reg here
2-20 USF Valentine's Day Short Course Yards Meet SF info& reg here
2-21 The City Mile (1650) City College SF info & reg here
3/4-6 Walnut Creek Intensive Training Camp Walnut Creek info & reg here
3-6 CAL Short Course Yards Meet UC Berkeley info & reg here
3-12 Rinconada Short Course Yards Meet Palo Alto info & reg here
3-20 Matt Biondi Short Course Yards Conejo Valley So Cal info here & reg here
4-8/10 Pac Masters Short Course Yards Champs Moraga info here
4-28/5-1 USMS Short Course Yards Nationals Greensboro NC info here
5-15 Keelhauler Long Course Meters Time Trials Vallejo info here
5-22 Bay Area Sr Games for 50+ Short Course Yards Stanford Univ info & reg here
6-18 Wine Country Sr Games for 50+ Short Course Yards Santa Rosa JC info & reg here and flyer here:

Wine Country Games 2016

7-22/24 PacMasters Long Course Meters Champs San Mateo info here
8-6 Davis Long Course Meters Meet Davis info here
8-17/21 USMS Long Course Meters Nationals Gresham OR info here
9-18 Mountain View Short Course Meters Mountain View info here
10-2 Sac Sprint Pentathlon Short Course Meters UC Davis info here
10-7/9 Pac Masters Short Course Meters Champs Walnut Creek info here

2016 Postal Challenges:

Date Distances Location Info or Reg Link
All Year Check Off Challenge any pool information here & reg here
All Year 2016 Postal Swimathon League any pool info & reg here
January 2016 USMS 1-Hour Swim Postal any pool info & reg here
May 15 to Sept 15 5000/10000 yard swims any pool info here reg not yet open
Sept 15 to Nov 15 3000/6000 yard swim any pool info here reg not yet open
November Davis Aquatic Masters Brute Squad Challenge Postal any pool info & reg here
December MEMO 400 Kick For Time Postal any pool info not yet posted watch here

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