May 052015

If you’ve never had the chance to do a Masters training camp, think of giving it a go. It can be a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in all things swimming. Check out these two 2015 opportunities.

USMS High Performance Camp in North Carolina. It runs August 22-27 in Greensboro, a beautiful facility and the site of a few USMS Nationals. I’ve had the opportunity to coach at the HPC twice (2012 and 2013) and it is a phenomenal experience. While it may seem pricey at $2000, you will definitely get your money’s worth here with dryland work, filming, state of the art technique work in all four strokes, starts and turns, plenty of water time and much more.

Here’s the link. USMS High Performance Camp

Also held in August is a training camp in Arizona. It runs August 18-21 in Flagstaff, Arizona and bills itself as a High Altitude Training Camp.

Here’s the link. Masters Swim Camp Arizona

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