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13-Session Tri & Open Water Workshop

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Are you an open water swimmer or triathlete that wants to improve your efficiency, speed or endurance in your swims? We’ve got just the thing for you. We are launching a special six-week 13-session swim program at Novato High (and some sessions at IVC) July 12th through August 21st. Led by Swymnut Coaches Shari Cruse and Cokie Lepinski, we have an incredible program where we work with you to build your endurance and speed by focusing on your breathing, your position in the water, your pull, your kick and the timing of each of those elements. You’ll learn a series of drills that will help you find the best posture, line and balance in the water making your swimming so much easier. You’ll learn how to get the best “bang for your buck” with your arm pulls and how important it is to develop and hold a kick in your freestyle. Each workout we will build the amount of yardage you swim on a gradual basis all the while focusing on proper technique. Our coaches are experienced open water competitors and can help you transform your open water skills.

We want to stress that this is not a learn to swim program. You must be able to swim at least 50 yards of freestyle without stopping and without aid of using fins or a snorkel.

This program is aimed at preparing triathletes for the swim portions of a Sprint, Olympic or Half Ironman distance triathlon. For our non triathletes that love open water, our goal is for you to feel comfortable in a swim about 1 to 1.5 miles such as the RCP Tiburon Mile a swim from Alcatraz or various lake swims. We will teach you sighting skills, drafting skills, maneuvering around buoys, dealing with choppy water conditions and surviving pack swimming. In fact, our final session will be a “pool open water” event where we take the lane lines out, put in some open water buoys, and practice everything you will have learned along the way. You’ll feel just like you are out in the open water in this final workout!

In addition to all the skills, drills and workouts, we will include comprehensive filming where we film the “before” and “after” of your stroke as the sessions progress. The filming will include analysis of both underwater and above water views showing you where your strengths are and what things you can change to further improve your freestyle.

We are super excited and hope you take the plunge with us.

Reservations are required as we do expect to sell out. Cost is $260. For our existing Swymnut Masters members, cost is $220. Payment can be made by check (payable to Swymnut Masters) or by cash or credit card at the first session. Payment is non refundable. 

To register (or for any questions), please contact Coach Cokie Lepinski using the “Contact Coach Cokie” link in the right side bar of this web page.

To participate in this program, you must be a current member of U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS). Our insurance coverage requires that all of our participants be members of USMS. You can sign up for U.S. Masters Swimming by clicking here (cost is $52 annually).

Location, Dates & Times

Most sessions will be held at Novato High School, 625 Arthur St, Novato, CA (and Indian Valley College the final week). A map to Novato High School can be found below. Indian Valley College is located at 1800 Ignacio Blvd also in Novato. Both pools have locker rooms (bring your own lock) and showers.

  • Session #1 – Tuesday night, July 12th 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #2 – Thursday night, July 14th 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #3 – Sunday morning, July 17th 8-10am
  • Session #4 – Tuesday night, July 19th 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #5 – Thursday night, July 21st 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #6 – Tuesday night, July 26th 6:15-7:15 PM (note: no session Thursday July 28th)
  • Session #7 – Tuesday night, August 2nd 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #8 – Thursday night, August 4th 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #9 – Tuesday night, August 9th 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #10 – Thursday night, August 11th 6:15-7:15 PM
  • Session #11 – Tuesday night, August 16th 6:15-7:15 PM – at IVC pool 1800 Ignacio Blvd
  • Session #12 – Thursday night, August 18th 6:15-7:15 PM – at IVC pool, 1800 Ignacio Blvd
  • Session #13 – Sunday morning, August 21st 8-10am –  at IVC pool, 1800 Ignacio Blvd

Feel free to share our flyer with anyone you think might benefit from our program! Just click the download arrow at the bottom of the form.

Tri Swim Program Flyer v2 by Cokie Lepinski

Here is our Registration form which you can download (click the download button on the bottom of the form) and email to Coach Cokie Lepinski (using the Contact Coach Cokie link in the right sidebar of this web page).

Tri & OW Reg Form by Cokie Lepinski

Map to Novato High

If you need a map of the campus, here you go!

NHS Map of Campus

Here is an example of one of our sessions from a previous Tri Workshop we did in 2013. You can see we believe in having some fun while also providing you with the skills you need to meet your goals of swimming in open water.