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I have been using USRPT since June 2014 as have a few swimmers on our Swymnut Masters team. To help my swimmers, I created this written guide that has undergone several revisions. Each time I update this guide, I will post a copy of it here. You can obtain a copy by clicking the image below.

Feel free to contact me about your own experiences with USRPT. We all learn from each other!

Ultra Short Race Pace Training Guide v3.5

  5 Responses to “USRPT – Ultra Short Race Pace Training”

  1. Been adding this to my own training schedule over the past six months or so… Although it might appear easy because of the small amount of metres, it certainly isn’t! That being said, I would rather do 500m of all-out swimming over 6,000m of medium paced work any day of the week!


  2. Thanks for the reference and I agree with Olivier. I race-pace over tons of easy swimming any day of the week.

  3. My son has been doing USRPT for a short time. Something we learned was using the correct interval speed to maximize the number of repeats. I think he and I would get excited cranking out 25 times that would exceed his 100 time. As a result, he would “fail” at 15 or worse. We have learned to put that 25 time at his true meet 100 time to get the proper number of repeats (hopefully 25 or more).

    I’d be interested to hear from a coach that embraces USRPT to comment on this type training and body builds. My son has always been big (think linebacker rather than your typical super thin age group swimmer). Distance programs just kill him. At 5’9″, 165 and not grown, the club teams philosophy of high yardage with primarily free has never really worked. He is a 100 fly/100 back kind of kid with great underwaters that don’t get used in a 6-8K practice!

    • Hi John

      Congrats on your son finding a formula that works for him! I can offer thoughts on working with adults and Masters swimmers, but don’t really have the background and expertise on age group swimmers. I do know I’ve read volumes on how it is helping many swim teams including high school teams and benefitting kids, just like your son, that just don’t fit well into the 6-8k workout formulas that many teams use.

      And yes, someone who swims back or fly in competition needs to swim back and fly in practice and at race pace!

      Best of luck to your son and your pursuit of finding the formulas that work.

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