Apr 082012

Just exactly what type of freestyle swimmer are you? This website, Swim Smooth, may teach you some things you might not know about your own stroke. According to SwimSmooth, you can break down the different types of freestyle swimming to six fundamental styles. Using their SwimTypes system, discover for yourself what your style is, and how you can improve your speed and efficiency.

What I love about the site is that they use a combination of videos showing real swimmers in the six different styles as well as animation videos for each style. You’ll definitely gain some knowledge and insight by watching the videos and taking an assessment that will help you identify your own stroke style. If you are a Swymnut that does not have access to someone who can help assess your stroke at the pool, simply have someone video you with their camera or smart phone, upload the video to YouTube (very easy to do), and send me the link to your video. I will use the SwimTypes assessment questionnaire and help you identify your style.

Speaking of styles,┬áthis is “Mr Smooth”. Check out how little effort he seems to put forth. Amazing!

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