Mar 262012

For our open water swimmers, it is just about time to jump in to some open water. Depending on where you live, that might be easier said than done. After all, water in San Francisco Bay is still pretty cold for the seasonal open water swimmer. For you hard core year-rounders, it is never a problem, right? Out here in AZ where I live, it is definitely time to find the open waters!

2010 FINA Worlds Masters 3K OWS Sweden

Found this link today that I thought might benefit those of you who love to swim outside the confines of lane lines and chlorine. Many of the big vendors, Finis, Speedo, TYR, Swim Outlet, Kiefer, etc., have all kinds of tips and tricks. This one is courtesy of Finis. The article was written by Mallory Mead, a TERRIFIC open water swimmer and coach from Indiana. She also posts workouts specific to open water swimmers on US Masters Swimming website. You can find them here. You’ll need a sign on with USMS (it is free) which I highly recommend as one of your go-to sites for swimming information. Look for Open Water Workouts – by Mallory Mead.

Meanwhile, your tip of the week: Training for Cold Water Swims, 9 Tips You Need to Know

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