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Lake TahoeEven though it is only January, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the open water season. Triathletes and open water swimmers need to establish good technique and build their endurance in these winter months.

If you’ve got a wetsuit, and a strong constitution, you can even head to SF Bay and start the year with some Bay swims. Water temps are generally 50 or so in January and warm up to 61 or so in September. Brrr!

There are two terrific training groups that work out of SF Bay. One is SwimArt led by Leslie Thomas. Check them out at Swim-Art.com. I’m sharing with you today a video she has posted on You Tube that has a few very useful tips on open water swim. You’ll find that at the end of this post. As of this date, Swim-Art has not yet published their 2013 calendars. They do have a note that due to America’s Cup, they will have some limits to their normal activities from July to September. I have to tell ya, I’ve been on one of their bay training clinics and it was outstanding!

Another is Water World Swim led by Pedro. They currently have open water swims with Pedro, 10am on Sundays at Aquatic Park. And from March-September, they have “Swim with Pedro” on Thursday nights at 6pm. Fee is $15. Check out their calendar here for more swims.¬†Lake Almanor

And of course, there are the Dolphin Club and South End Rowing Club to consider as well. These two alternate days using a shared facility located at 500 Jefferson St which is on the edge of Aquatic Park. For $6.50 you can swim and have access to their facility (lockers and showers).

Be sure and check out Pacific Masters competition schedule. Last year they had a large amount of open water swims in our region and this year even more. We usually launch the open water season with a nice 1-mile open water swim in Santa Rosa at Spring Lake Park sometime in May. To warm you up, they do have two meets coming up that have events targeting distance swimmers. They would serve as a great way to launch your training for tri swims or open water competitions.

The first is The Olympic Club 1500m swim in an indoor 25-meter pool. They run just that event! It takes place on Saturday, January 17th. You can check it out and register for it here.

The second event is The City Mile 1650 swim in an indoor 25-yard pool. Again, this is the only event of the meet and it takes place on Sunday, February 24th. You can check it out here.

Both are terrific options to test yourself out and set the foundation for 2013. Go for it!

Ok, on to tips. Check out Leslie’s tips on her YouTube video.

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