Jun 032012

You ever feel like the top half of your body is disconnected from the lower half? Well, perhaps not. But as a swim coach, I can tell you that a whole bunch of you seem to suffer that fate. 🙂

It’s true. One of the biggest flaws easiest to spot from deck is the swimmer who seems to have an odd ability to separate their torso from their legs. The two body areas seemingly work against each other instead of in sync. We try not to snicker too loudly. Truth is, we all remember feeling like that at one time in the water. Well, if you’ve been told you might suffer this  fate, then this drill is for you. For those of you who think you are oh-so-fine-and mighty…give this drill a whirl. Just may surprise yourself.

Ok, the drill is called the Sailboat Drill. Actually, I’ve seen this in all kinds of postings, but this particular posting refers to it as the Sailboat Drill. Pretty simple to explain. Maybe not so simple to do.

Hold a kickboard between your thighs. Make sure half the kickboard is sticking below your body when you swim freestyle. Use your core muscles to control your hip rotation. Beware, the board works against your efforts! Ah yes, one more tip. Have the board oriented vertically, not horizontally.

Now if you are a freestyler and can handle this drill with ease, flip over and do the same thing with backstroke. Aha! Gotcha.

Now go back and master the Sailboat Drill. Share it with your gutter buddies. Have fun laughing at each other as you work to hold those boards in place.

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