Apr 152012

Hey, Happy Tax Day to you all! To celebrate giving all of your money to Uncle Sam, I figure you need to drown your sorrows in the pool, so I’ve got three drills for this week (April 15-21). These are freestyle drills and all three involve swimming with one arm.

There are three ways to swim one-arm freestyle. One is to leave the non-stroking arm extended in front of you. The other is to leave the non-stroking arm behind you, at your side (a much tougher version that really helps you work your core) and breathe to the “open shoulder”. One more twist on this (and another challenge) is to take that same drill and now breathe to the stroking shoulder. These are some of my favorite freestyle drills.

Remember, as with ALL drills, go slow on these drills. Master the technique and purpose of the drill, and don’t race to the other end of the pool. These one arm freestyle drills will help you 1) work your catch, pull through and recovery and 2) understand the critical nature your core plays in developing an efficient freestyle.

The folks at GoSwim demonstrate each of these drills perfectly in videos on their website.

If you want to know if you are doing these drills correctly, send me a video tape of you in action!

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