Mar 302012

The drill of the week for this week, April 1-7, 2012, continues our work on sculling. As written in the drill for the prior week (March 25-31), drills are an outstanding way to develop a better feel for the water. The goal is to feel water pressure on the palm of your hand, as well as your forearm, in these drills and then in your four strokes. Remember, don’t race these drills. Master the drill first, then you can work on speeding up on the drill.

Scull 2: Windshield Wipers Head Down

This drill helps you get around from the outsweep to the insweep in breaststroke and the insweep of the butterfly pull.

  • Think of this drill as your arms acting like windshield wipers. Lie face down in the water wearing a pull buoy between your legs. A snorkel helps! Eyes are pointed down at the bottom of the pool and your arms (from shoulders to elbows) are out front by your head. Your fingers are pointed toward the bottom of the pool. You will scull in and out using your hands and forearms and keeping the rest of your arm motionless. Your elbows should be fairly still as you scull. Drive yourself forward using your forearms and hands, always keeping the fingers pointing down.

Key points to success:

  1. From the elbows down, keep those arms straight throughout the drill.
  2. Fingertips are always pointed down to the pool bottom.
  3. Think of your hands, wrist and forearms as one unit.
  4. When sweeping in, thumbs are pointed to the pool wall ahead of you.
  5. When sweeping out, thumbs are pointed to the pool wall behind you (toward your feet).
  6. Keep those elbows high, and always keep the fingers pointing down.

Here is a short video demonstrating the drill.

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