Nov 252012

Has your coach told you that you breathe too late or too early in your freestyle stroke? Do you regularly feel winded when swimming freestyle? Could be your timing is off on when you inhale or you may not be exhaling properly.¬†Below is a good video that demonstrates when to breathe on freestyle and gives you a couple of drills to work on. In a nutshell, you want to breathe “in the trough”. To see what I mean by that, take a look at this excellent article from Swim Smooth on breathing in freestyle.

Breathing Technique in the Freestyle Stroke

This Swim Smart video below demonstrates a catch up drill with a kickboard held sideways. Remember, any time you do catch up drill, to make sure you do so in a “superman” style. In other words, don’t let your hands touch each other when they “catch up” in the front. Keep the hand strike straight out from the shoulder. A great way to do this drill is to get a piece of PVC pipe that is cut shoulder width to match your shoulders. When you do the catch up drill, just be sure and catch the ends of the PVC pipe, and not the middle.