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clipboardEach week on Saturday at 11am the following ‘week of workouts’ is posted on our website under this Swim Workouts section. You’ll see them generated in the Week of Workouts drop down under this tab. These workouts serve as a general guide and are there primarily for our virtual swimmers. Our coaches are always free to deviate from the workout, tweak an existing one, or just stay with what is posted. So don’t let a posted workout keep you away! Besides, this is Masters Swimming where just about anything goes in our pool.

To access the actual workout, you’ll need to be invited to our Dropbox folder containing over 600 team workouts! Once you have your Dropbox access, simply consult the Week of Workouts, and look for the workout number in Dropbox. Workouts are the exclusive property of Swymnut Masters and only those registered with our team are given access.

You can also look ahead to see our workouts in the Workout Calendar area also under this Swim Workouts tab (as well as under the Calendar tab). This gives an overall picture of our workout schedule on a monthly basis.

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  1. Hi Coach Cokie!

    My name is Hiroe, I currently swim and work at the JCC. So many people have told me that you are a fantastic coach, and I would like to join your morning workout at Lucas Valley or IVC. I have never swum with a group, so I would like to try your workout first by myself to see whether I can do it or not.. May I please have access to see your workouts?

    Thanks in advance!


  2. I swim in Jeanne’s 8am class at IVC. The semester is ending and I’m looking for an opportunity to improve my skills and keep with an actual program. Hamilton didn’t really cut it for me last summer. I’d like to check out your group! I’ve heard you have early workouts at IVC which would be great for me!

    You can reach me by email. My phone # is 415-898-0492.


    • Sue – I just emailed you from my work email. If you don’t see anything, check spam and write back here. We would love to have you join us at our swim workouts at IVC. We are just underway there and having a blast! Our schedule is currently Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5:30-6:45AM and also Saturdays 10-11:30AM. Coach Cokie

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