Swim Lessons


SwimLessonsSwim lessons are available to adults 18 and over. We offer 30-minute or 60-minute lessons. All of our coaches can help you with all four strokes, starts and turns. Whether you are a novice swimmer or veteran, lessons can really help take you to the next level! If you are interested in lessons, please contact Coach Shari Cruse (click her photo in the right sidebar).

Swim lessons are a great way to ease yourself into our Masters practices. If you have been out of the water awhile, aren’t quite sure of how things work in a swim practice, or are not yet confident of your ability to tackle that first Masters workout, consider signing up for a few lessons to work on your form, learn some drills we use in our practices, and understand some of the lingo as well as how to use the pace clock.

Our coaches are able to film you above water for a quick on deck review within your lesson block. Bringing your own smartphone (iPad, Android, etc.) or tablet is recommended as emailing video files are challenging due to their size. If coaches do need to film off their own device and send the video to you there may be an added cost.

You are able to purchase a single lesson or a 4-pack lesson. We recommend 30-minute lessons unless you are an experienced swimmer and are trying to squeeze in 2 or more strokes in the lesson.

All lessons must be booked in advance to ensure lane and coach availability. Payment is made to Swymnut Masters.

If you have never learned to swim or have fear of the water, we can definitely help! Our coaches are specially certified by U.S. Masters Swimming in their Adult Learn-to-Swim program. We teach you techniques to manage your fear, get comfortable in the water, and learn to swim. Each year in either the Spring or Summer we run a group Learn-to-Swim program. We also offer individual or small group lessons for those who may prefer a smaller setting.

If you are interested in learning more about our specialized Adult Learn-to-Swim program, please contact Coach Shari Cruse (click photo in the right sidebar).

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