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One of the neat benefits of being a member in US Masters Swimming is the ability to participate in several “virtual” swim programs. One free program is a fitness event titled “Go The Distance”. The objective of this event is for participants to track the time and distance they swim during the calendar year.   When participants achieve specific distance milestones ranging from 50 miles through 1500 miles they will be recognized on the U.S. Masters Swimming website, with free awards given at 50 miles, 250  miles and 500 miles. There are also some awards (like t-shirts) available for purchase at a very nominal fee.

Last year, I swam the farthest I had ever gone, 500 miles. I received a very nice Nike swim suit at the end of the year! This year I’m bringing my goal back to a comfortable 300-400 miles. 🙂 Click the Go The Distance graphic below to read more about the program on the USMS website.

Go The Distance with USMS!

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