Apr 282016

We are incredibly excited to have Sutter Health Novato Community Hospital Bone & Joint Program as our official Health Care Sponsor! In 2016 we formed a partnership with them and they helped to fund our first-ever Adult Learn-to-Swim Program. On top of that, they will sponsor us annually at events such as ALTS, clinics, etc.

Here’s a little bit about them. I can vouch for them 100% having had – ahem – a few surgeries there such as shoulder work, elbow tendon repair and  even  knee replacement. My care was always absolutely top notch and I came through with full recovery each time. I really do believe they treat you like you are a family member!

The Bone & Joint Program at Sutter Novato Community Hospital provides comprehensive, specialized services or treating conditions of the knee, hip, back, spine,shoulder, hand, arm, wrist, foot and ankle.

We are much more than a hospital stay. Whether it is a minimally invasive procedure or a surgery, our specialists help you determine the best treatment for you to maintain your lifestyle. Our program provides exceptional quality care and dedicated staff partnering with you, through your healing process. It’s how we plus you.

We will be working with Sutter Health to schedule a free shoulder seminar for our team members with Dr. Dan Solomon in the near future.




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