Sep 292015

There may have been only three Swymnuts at Mountain View this past Sunday, but they were really quite mighty. Jane Mothersill, Diana Peroni and Mimi Willard were the three amigos at this fun meet and all did quite well. Jane set her very first short course meters team record taking on the grueling 400 IM. When I asked her after her swim whether she’d do it again, she actually smiled and said she would. Crazy NUT. She also swam a solid 50 back and a 200 breast (her first in the short course meters venue) in a great time.

Diana Peroni swam her usual 200 fly (I mean, really? I’m not even sure if there is another NUT that can muster one in practice Diana.). She followed that with a 200 IM and a really nice 50 fly. On the 200 fly she narrowly missed her own team record.

Mimi was, simply put, on fire. After a “what, everyone has left the block??” type of start on her 200 Free, she settled in just missing her best time. Not to be discouraged, she tackled four more events, setting personal bests, lifetime bests and team records in all four swims (two of which were back-to-back the 200 Back and the 400 Free). Whoa!

Great job ladies, see you in Davis.

Full results for our team are here. 2015 Mtn View SCM 092715

Full results for the entire meet (with splits) are here:

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