Oct 172016

Update 10/17/16

We had an absolutely fantastic Lapapalooza Inaugural Event with 27 swimmers in the water and about the same amount of volunteers on the deck. Together with Sunflower Wellness we raised over $10,000 to help them live their motto “cancer hates exercise”! We celebrated with a meal after the event at Moylan’s and got to know each other a little better. We have a mutual admiration with Sunflower Wellness and know this is just the beginning for a partnership in making lives better. Thank you to all our volunteers, to those who donated funds, and to the swimmers who swam lap after lap knowing that this day they made one heck of a difference. 


Click the graphic here to jump to the Sunflower Wellness sign up for Lapapalooza

Hey NUTS, we really, really need you! We have just over two weeks to go before our lap-a-thon swim event at IVC on Sunday, October 16th from 10am-1pm. We’re trying to get at least 40 Swymnuts (out of a team size of 163) to sign up as a swimmer, a volunteer on deck or even just a fundraiser/donator for this awesome event that benefits not only our team, but a fantastic organization that works to make life better for those battling cancer.

Sunflower Wellness is a locally based organization with terrific people at the helm and a wonderful mission. Just what is their mission? To “empower people living with cancer to find strength and support through exercise”. You all know what exercise does for you and how yucky or off you feel when you go a few days (or heck, even just one day) without your fix. Well, imagine what exercise does for those who are battling cancer and the treatment for their cancer. It can be life changing and life saving.

We’d like to see our first lap-a-thon be such a success that we can continue this next year and beyond, for us and for Sunflower Wellness. But we just cannot do this unless we get more involvement.

Please consider jumping in on this one. You don’t have to swim far (or at all) and you can bring all the toys and gear you want. Its going to be a ton of fun with a party atmosphere. Bring friends along to swim or help out. They must be 18+ if they are going to swim. They don’t have to be strong swimmers and can do just a few laps – whatever works!

It is super easy to sign up for Lapapalooza. Just click the graphic above and you are set to go. Even if you don’t want to swim, but want to donate or volunteer that day, we need you to sign up with that link. You have the option to just enter ($50) or enter and fundraise where you can challenge your friends, family and colleagues to donate to your swim at a flat rate or on a per-lap basis.

Please, please, please join us at Lapapalooza!

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