Aug 052014

Kate Eby was in Oregon this past weekend for some open water swimming. Turns out not just the State of CA, OR and WA are on fire, so was Kate. She drives up to Cascade Lakes Oregon to compete in some open water events. Some you say? How about 4 swims?!? Saturday was the 500 meter and 1500 meter swim. Sunday was the 5K and 1000 meter swim. How’d she do? Holy smokes! First, second, second, third in the individual swims and FIRST overall for her age group.

She definitely fits as a NUT! Way to go Kate, we are all proud of you!

Oh yeah, by the way, on her return home, they closed the freeway she had used to travel from Sacramento to Oregon. That led to a 200 mile detour to get home. All the more time to savor those incredible swims. Kate Eby Cascade Lake OR

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