Sep 042015

Swymnut Masters is excited to present a freestyle clinic at Indian Valley College on Sunday, September 13th from 11am-1pm. The clinic will be lead by Head Coach Cokie Lepinski, 2014 U.S. Master’s Swimming Coach of The Year, along with our incredibly friendly and oh-so-talented Swymnut coaches Susie Powell, Shari Cruse, Marlon Woolf and Nicole Coll. Please feel free to download the flyer below and share this information with your swim friends.

This swim clinic is open to adult swimmers (18+) who can swim at least 2 laps (50 yards) of freestyle without stopping. Pre-registration is required and you must reserve your spot before 9am on September 12th. The cost is $25 and payment is due the day of the clinic. Cash or checks payable to Swymnut Masters. The clinic is limited to 50 participants. Participants must be 2015 members of U.S. Masters Swimming. If you have never been a member of U.S. Masters Swimming, please contact Coach Cokie Lepinski at the email address listed on the flyer (or use the contact Coach Cokie box on the right side of this page).

The flyer details what we will cover which will range from stroke fundamentals to open water skills to tips and techniques for pool competitors. There will be an option to learn block dive starts and flip turns.

The first segment of the clinic will have all competitors learning or reviewing some core concepts to a good freestyle stroke. This will include on deck demonstrations, in water demonstrations and participants working through various drills and focal points. As we assess the ability levels of the participants we will begin to break into smaller groups allowing much more interaction with our skilled coaches. This approach will enable participants to choose instruction specific to their own needs such as open water skills or tips and techniques geared toward freestylers in swim meet competitions.

Equipment to bring:

  • Swimsuit, Cap, Goggles
  • Towel, water and or fuel replacement drink
  • Fins and snorkels are welcome!

Parking is free at IVC on Sundays!

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Cokie Lepinski

Swymnuts Freestyle Clinic Flyer 091315

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