Mar 242014

We had quite a few Swymnuts do the One Hour Swim in January 2014 as part of the USMS National Postal Event. What this means is that a swimmer swims non stop for one hour, getting in as many laps (or yards) as they can. No fins, snorkel or  paddles allowed Рjust cap, goggles and a swim suit. Some elected to formally enter the event, others did not. No matter, all Swymnut participants received a medal from their coach for their participation!

The ladies scored 4th in the nation out of 144 teams in the small team category (1-9 swimmers) with 9 swimmers sending in their results. For the guys, only 2 of our guys entered, so in the same small team category with just 2 guys, they ended up 61st out of 105 teams. Awesome Swymnuts!

2014 USMS One Hour Postal

OHP Medal

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