Oct 072013

This year’s Tiburon Mile had some tough conditions. The water was very cold (between 60-62 degrees) and currents were incredibly strong. In looking at time’s from past Tiburon Mile competitions, some of the top competitors were 6-12 minutes slower than previous years. Our Swymnuts are absolutely amazing for undertaking and completing this tough swim. Way to go Cassandra Coffee, Jeff Turner (and his son Lomax), Marlon Woolf, and Jane Mothersill, along with son of Swymnut Margaret de Somma, Emilio de Somma who won the 13-18 year old division. Jeff and Jane were in wetsuits, Marlon and Cassandra were not! Here are the results as well as a link to the complete 2013 RCP Tiburon Mile results.

Swimmer Age Time Place Miscellaneous
Cassandra Coffee 54 50:46 4th 10 in age group 50-59
Marlon Woolf 49 36:40 6th 40 in age group 40-49
Jane Mothersill 57 48:30 25th 65 in wetsuit division 40-99
Jeff Turner 44 46:27 43rd 95 in wetsuit division 40-99
Lomax Turner 15 34:57 15th 13-18 year olds
Emilio de Somma 15 28:49 1st 13-18 year olds

Full results for this year’s Tiburon Mile can be found here.


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