Apr 242012

Got sugar problems? I have always had a HUGE sweet tooth. As far as I’m concerned, dinner should start with dessert. Don’t you think we’d eat less if we just started with what we really crave? I mean really! I’ve got great willpower to stay away from breads, cheeses, pastas, fast foods and more, but willpower is no contender against the sight of a beautiful 3-layer triple chocolate cake, a homemade cookie, or other baked goods, my definite weakness. Over the years, I’ve learned to enjoy those devilish delights in moderation. Or, as the article I’m writing about says, I’ve learned to “practice mindful eating”.

We all know that obesity and diabetes are on the rise here in the U.S. Hopefully not so much among you dedicated athletes out there, but something always to be on guard about. So keeping an eye on your sugar intake IS important. Here’s an article I spotted while reading my morning news on Flipboard (an awesome App for both the iPhone and iPad). It offers some simple and practical tips to nip those cravings. One of my personal favorites of their tips is to eat within 30 minutes of exercising. A mix of protein and carbs does the trick quite well for many of us. Alright, now sit down with your cup of coffee and cinnamon roll and check this out.

5 Tips to Nip Sugar Cravings in the Bud

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