Jul 082014

Curious about the best way to fuel yourself for your swim workout? Check out this article from About.com specifically directed at swimmers and fueling for their workouts (note, not race day nutrition). Click the photo below to access the article. In essence…

These small changes in physiological parameters secondary to the GI of certain foods suggest pre-exercise intake plays a small role in performance or the physiological parameters tested in this study do not correlate with performance enhancements. The notion that the exact pre-exercise carbohydrate consumption is insignificant is rarely discussed, as the food and supplement industry spend large sums of money on marketing, but the bulk of the literature notes minimal benefits of performance, the best indicator for elite athletes. 

Whew! Guess that means I can have my banana and yogurt, or even a small bowl of oatmeal or cereal before I set off for my swim workout!

Yogurt banana

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