Jul 082014

Muscle_CrampCalf cramps? Man those are just awful, aren’t they? I’ve gotten to hear some pretty choice words when one of our swimmers succumbs to a calf cramp. Let’s just say they surface and scream at the top of their lungs with phrases you might not want the young ones to hear. 🙂 Got some ideas for you on how to possibly prevent calf cramps and how to treat one if you are unlucky enough to have one seize you. Check out this write up on how to treat calf cramps by G. John Mullen of the Science of Performance.

I also like this article on dealing with Calf Cramps for Bodysurfers.

Common causes of leg cramps are:

  • fatigue
  • conditioning
  • hydration
  • loss of essential minerals from excess sweating
  • genetic pre-disposition
  • use of fins – especially those that keep you in a strong toe point

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