Jul 222012

Having a wonderful visit here in Novato, CA. Am excited that we will be making our way back to live here. That announcement has resulted in  lots of joyful reunions this week!

In talking to my swim buddies, I’m always struck by the general healthy nature of masters swimmers. We seem to be watching our weight and doing our best to stay healthy. Still, we all have our weaknesses. As I’ve written before, mine would be that killer sweet tooth. I’ve been working on decreasing the amount my cravings beg for, and progress is being made.

Well this week, I found a link to an article that I found fascinating. It’s about our connection to some foods that may exacerbate or even increase inflammation in your body. CNN has the article, written by Julie Daniluk, who authored “Meals That Heal Inflammation”.  Check out the article by clicking the link below. I’m impressed and plan to be even more vigilant.  Completely ditch sugar? Well…no. 🙂

When Food Causes Pain

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