Jul 092013

Got a small potpourri of interesting health related information for this post. Y’all know I’m a big proponent of drinking water and staying hydrated. (Hey you, yeah you – bring your dang water to practice!) Well, here is a picture that landed on my Flipboard reading this morning. Just more reasons to keep drinking water.



FruitThen there is fruit. I have a LARGE sweet tooth and have always loved eating sweet things, including fruit. In fact, I eat several servings of fruit everyday. I used to count calories and know that some diets are big on eliminating “sugar” foods, including fruit, from your diet. Got kind of discouraging because fruit contains sugar (albeit natural sugar) and can carry a calorie count. Well let me say how heartened I was when I read this article from ABC World News. No time to read the article? Here are the main points:

  1. Fruit eaters tend to have lower BMIs – even less than pure veggie eaters. So there!
  2. Fruit is packed with water and fiber – its naturally occurring sugar is less concentrated. Hallelujah! And…if that isn’t enough, oftentimes that sugar comes with valuable protective substances (such as those you find in Mangos which can protect against breast and colon cancer cells)
  3. “Fruit has awesome antioxidants” . As they say in the article, “The smartest strategy is to not only eat fruit, but to mix it up.” Oh yeah, that I do!
  4. Fruit has beauty benefits – ok, so this is a work in progress on my part. Supposed to give you good skin – even for us with Irish heritage? Get out!
  5. Fruit provides endurance-boosting energy. Say no more, I’m hooked!

And finally, as I get older (and hopefully wiser), I’m trying to find more natural products to do some of the “jobs” at home. Check out this chart on ways to use common items in your home for cleaning, personal care/beauty, or for dietary/medicinal applications.




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