Aug 262012

Reading on my iPad, I stumbled upon this article on dynamic warm ups for athletes using Yoga. Now I should warn you that I am not a Yoga person. Tried it years ago, and it just wasn’t something that worked for me. Perhaps it was the class, the instructor, the time in my life, a host of injuries, whatever. It left me worse than when I started, so I abandoned it after about 5 classes.

That being said, I am very open minded about Yoga and think it can be a terrific aid to our daily lives. After seeing this article, I have to admit, I hope to try Yoga again. I’ll be on the hunt for a class and an instructor that fits me, with all my silly injuries and limitations. For now, I’m going to try incorporating these 6 simple exercises into my morning routine to accompany some of my core work and back exercises.

What struck me about this article, and video, is that these are do-able exercises for me! I really like how she tells you what each exercise will do for you. We adults often desire the “why” behind what we are asked to do. They supply this!

Here’s the video. The link to the full article can be found below. I do recommend you read the article – it is short. 🙂

Article Link: Yoga For Everyday Athletes Women’sHealth

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