Jul 212013

We swimmers do joke that chlorine is our perfume. I mean seriously, we reek! Pool_Chlorine_OdorLg

Well, one of our swimmer friends has found a very cool and very inexpensive way to make your own product to remove that chlorine yuckiness from your hair and skin. This was posted recently by ElaineK on the USMS discussion forums. If you are a member, you can read the full discussions between Elaine and other swimmers here.

There is a product on the market to remove chlorine from hair and skin (Swim Spray) that costs $12.95 for a 4oz bottle, on their website. If you look at the ingredients of Swim Spray, there are only two: Water and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

After doing a few minutes of research online, I learned that I could make my own spray by adding 1 tsp. of Vitamin C crystals to a pint spray bottle of water. I just purchased a bottle of Vitamin C crystals from Trader Joe’s for $11.99. I am going to use my empty 2oz. free sample of Swim Spray to refill it with my own mix for a cost of about $0.13 per bottle (there are 908- 1/8 teaspoons in the bottle of crystals)!

$0.13 vs $6.50 for 2 ounces of Swim Spray. That gives you an idea of how much $ goes into packaging, marketing, salaries, and all of the other overhead expenses to bring a product to market.

By the way, if you there is not a Trader Joe’s near you, Vitamin C crystals can be purchased online. Just use an empty travel size hairspray bottle, mix up a batch, and throw the bottle in your swim bag. After your swim, briefly rinse off in the shower, spray your hair and skin, wait a few seconds, then rinse. Now you can use your shampoo and body wash or soap as usual.

I would recommend mixing up just enough for a small (4oz or less) bottle at a time, so the Vitamin C doesn’t break down. Besides, it would be a lot easier to carry around than a big spray bottle.

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