Apr 172015

Low back pain is incredibly common among all humans and our swim crowd is not immune with many of us struggling with significant pain or discomfort in our low back. Dr. G. John Mullen is a physical therapist who has some terrific exercises and has done a lot of research on backs, swimming, our core and just about anything related to our body in water. I am a regular reader of his Swimming Science website and highly recommend his COR Swimmer’s Shoulder System and his latest e-book Swimming Core Training.

In a recent post he addresses 7 Ways to Reduce Swimming Low Back Pain. Worth a read to pick up some tips on how you might lessen back pain attributed to swimming.

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  1. Thanks Coach Cokie! I learn something everytime I come to the Swymnut Masters web site! Granted I am a beginner and know little, but this site has so much to offer – technical advice, drills and inspiration! Please keep it going! Jack

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