Aug 222016
Croco & Raabe after Vineman 70_3

Chris Croco & Nancy Raabe after Vineman 70.3 2016

Jane Piombo 1st at Alcatraz Tri 2016

Jane Piombo comes out #1 at the SF Alcatraz Tri 2016!

Raabe & Piombo at Vineman 70_3

Nancy Raabe & Jane Piombo at Vineman 70.3 in 2016

Several of our team members are triathletes. To say that they inspire the rest of us “ordinary” human swimmers is an understatement. They push their bodies to the limits and even in a sprint tri they are going at it for a few hours. We’re so impressed and we want to make sure we acknowledge their efforts.

If you are a triathlete and need to tune up your swimming, you are in great hands with our coaching staff who have helped many of our swimmers significantly improve their stroke, their efficiency and their speed. We can save you a lot of energy for those bike and run legs!

Meanwhile, check out some of our swimmers and their results!

2016 Triathlon Results by Cokie Lepinski on Scribd

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