May 122016

Too long in getting our official team results up from our Pacific Masters Champs held April 8-10 in Moraga. We braved rain, wind, grey skies and cold temps and still had a heck of a time! Kudos to all the great swims by all of our swimmers.

Here are some pictures of our Swymnuts in action at Champs. Be sure and see the embeddedPDF here with the official results. Wow, we had a ton of new team records set along with some lifetime best swims and National Qualifying Times. Great meet for a great team!


2016 Pac SCY Champs 041016 by Cokie Lepinski

IMG_0783 IMG_2955 IMG_2956 IMG_2959 2016 SCY Champs Cassandra Dive 2016 USMS Champs 3rd Place

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