Oct 102016


We had a blast at this year’s Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Champs in Walnut Creek. The weather was hot (mid to high 80s), the water was cold and we were pretty darned good! We took a team of 10 with all 10 swimming Saturday and only 3 of us swimming Sunday. Despite a smaller turnout and only 39 races, we were stellar with the women placing 5th out of 34 teams.

Our swimmers set 20 new personal best times (the fastest swim in their¬†current age group); 14 lifetime bests (in Masters swimming); and 17 new team records! One special note is on our Women’s 400 Free Relay where we absolutely crushed the existing team record by over 19 seconds. That relay was Chris Carrade, Cassandra Coffee, Cokie Lepinski and Margaret De Somma.

Congratulations to all our swimmers. Your hard work in the pool pays off. And thank you to all of our coaches for working with these swimmers, tweaking those strokes, pushing them on the sprints, all of it!

Our team’s individual results are here.¬†2016-pac-scm-champs-all-100916

Full meet results for the Championships are here.

Don’t forget to check out our photo website for the latest pics!


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