Jun 122015

The Hubbard-Piel family (Kyle, Will and Mary) along with Erica Sutherland and Ron Evans competed in the Spring Lake Open Water swim in Santa Rosa on May 16, 2015. It is the opening swim in the Pacific Masters open water swim series. Took awhile to get the results, but here they are! Congrats to our strong Swymnut Masters team!

Age Group,Event,Time,Swimmer,Age,Place

18-24,1-Mile,27:26.95,Wil Hubbard,20,4th

55-59,1-Mile,34:39.10,Kyle Hubbard,56,7th

55-59,1-Mile,26:39.85,Mary Hubbard,59,9th

55-59,1-Mile,25:41.70,Erica Sutherland,55,5th

Wetsuit,1-Mile,22:55.05,Ron Evans,56,3rd


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