May 272016

Spring Lake 2016 Collage

Congratulations to the four swimmers who competed in the first open water of the season, the Spring Lake 1-mile. Spring Lake is in Santa Rosa near Annadale State Park. While initially forecast to be lightning, thunder and rain, the conditions were actually quite nice and the water temp was balmy at 71 degrees.

Our four swimmers, Judy Ferguson, Nicole Cibellis, Gina Rus and Claudia Hermann swam well and they all finished within 18 seconds of each other. Amazing. Way to go ladies!

Full results: If you tap the “DIV” column you can see the results by age group.

Three of our swimmers competed in regular suits and Nicole swam in the wetsuit division. Here are there rankings:

  • Judy Ferguson, 55-59 age group, 13th in 29:38.75
  • Claudia Hermann, 50-54 age group, 12th in 29:49.15
  • Regina “Gina” Rus, 50-54 age group, 11th in 29:34.40
  • Nicole Cibellis,40-44 age group,1st in 29:21.25 (wetsuit division)

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