Sep 092016

Claudia Hermann continued her training for her September Waikiki Roughwater swim by traveling to Manhattan to swim the Dwight Crum Pier-to-Pier swim on August 7th. This is one determined lady! Great job Claudia


img_0984 img_0987

Update – The 2.4 mile 2016 Waikiki Roughwater swim of September 4th was aptly named. The island had just been hit by a hurricane and the waters were exceptionally rough this year with eddies and riptides. Claudia did start the swim and was about 1.1 miles in when she was pulled from the water. Initially very disappointed, she came to learn that about 300 others were pulled from the water because the conditions became too dangerous. So bummed that you trained for this for a year but we sure are glad you are okay. Sometimes Mother Nature is quite unkind. Despite what happened, Claudia said she learned a lot about dealing with these kinds of conditions for her time in the water on this swim. That’s the spirit Claudia!

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