Jun 132016

Six of our lady Swymnuts challenged themselves to do something none of them had ever done. Four took on the 5K challenge and two took on the 10K challenge at Lake Del Valle. Neither of these swims is for the faint hearted. 5K or even 10K in a pool is pretty darned challenging – now try this in open water where you have no walls and nowhere to rest other than treading water. You have a mass of competitors, buoys that are hard to see, and mind numbing time to think about nothing! Sounds fun, right? Well actually, it is in a way. There is tedium, there is fear, but there is also excitement. And when you finish, there is pure joy and an incredible sense of accomplishment.

So impressed with a job well done for our six strong ladies: Susie Powell, Erica Sutherland, Rachel Craft, Claudia Hermann, Cokie Lepinski and Mary Piel! We hope even more of you join us next year. We did learn that the 10K is really for those who are pretty darned speedy and have endurance. The cut off for the 10K swim is a very brisk 3 hours and 30 minutes. That means you have to be able to maintain around a 33-minute mile to make it. Erica and Susie were our 10K swimmers. They had been told that if they got to the feeding station in a certain time after the third lap they would be allowed to continue. They both made that time cutoff. But we all missed the fine print that said any swimmers on the course after 3 hours and 30 minutes would be pulled. Erica squeaked through that net and finished in 3:33. Susie was pulled right after that and we estimated she had around 700-800 meters left to swim – about 10 to 15 minutes max for her. Can you imagine all the training that went into this? She is no slouch and ranks up there in all of her swim meets and open water swims. To be denied just shy of the finish seems so unfair. Still, in our eyes, Susie was a finisher and we know she is mentally and physically an incredible warrior. So kudos to you Susie!

Here are the results for our gals:

2016 OW Lake Del Valle 061116

For full results on the Lake Del Valle open water series, you’ll find them on the Pac Masters website here.

Lake Del Valle OWS 2016 Collage

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