Jun 132016

Wow, what a crew we took to Berryessa this year. Last year we had 8 Swymnuts compete at Lake Berryessa. This year? 20! Congratulations to all of them for a job well done. Coach Susie takes our “Toughest NUT” award as the only swimmer among us who did both the 2-mile swim and then the 1-mile swim. She was readying herself for the upcoming 10K swim at Lake Del Valle a week later. There were some phenomenal drops in time for our crew this year who have done this swim in the past

  • Coach Shari dropped :38 seconds off last year’s 1-mile time
  • Coach Cokie dropped 1 min from when she last swam this in 2007
  • Sue August dropped 1:36 from last year’s 1-mile
  • Lynn Forsey dropped 2:38 from last year’s 1-mile
  • Nance Rosencranz dropped an amazing 8 minutes from last year’s 1-mile

The full team results are here:

2016 OW Lake Berryessa 060416

For complete results on the entire Lake Berryessa open water swim, you’ll find them here on the Pac Masters website.

Lake Berryessa 2016 Collage

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